The last few seasons have been difficult and we have been forced to close early this season for financial reasons. We hope to regroupe and reopen in April or May of 2022, but only time will tell.  Thanks for your understanding. 



Where is your phone number ?


All of our communication and bookings are done by email. Please contact us below.  Feel free to check out the bottom of  this page for more details on our "no phone" policy.

Contact us

See below for some helpful tips. 

PLEASE READ.  We now service lawnmowers only. No ride on mowers, garden or lawn tractors. For details, feel free to check out our "FAQ".


Please take time to ensure that your email address is correct. We can not respond to you if there is an error in your email address.  


We are open and booking service calls during this time. Measures have been taken to assure both the safety of our customers and our safety.


We ask that clients arrange to make e-transfers if at all possible, as we will not be accepting cash payments.  

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We look forward to hearing from you. Here are a few things to help things go smoothly.

Please fill out the Contact Us section below with as much information as possible. If you are not able to provide us with all of the information, please do not hesitate to contact us anyway. 


Note:  We will not send you news letters, flyers or spam. 

Want quicker service? Here are some tips.

Summer is a wonderful time. Sun, flowers and relaxation. That is until you pull that cord and your mower doesn't start. This happens to all of us at some point. So now what do you do? 


1. Mornings, evenings and weekends book up quickly. If you can be available between 10am and 3pm your chances of quick service are greatly increased. Regardless, be sure to let us know what days and times you are available and what area you are in. 


2. Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis. If we offer you a time, responding quickly will ensure it will be available. 


3. If you have questions about pricing, or what is included in our tune up services, check out our flat rate pricing list and our FAQ / Help section.  


4. So you're not going to be home but have a neighbour or friend who will be? We offer discounts on multiple services. If your neighbour will be home, and they need service as well, you can both save $. Contact us for details. 


5. Have your equipment serviced regularly and follow our friendly advice on fuel and unit storage. 



No phone ! That's crazy!

We take pride in being different. After all, the service industry, in general, does a very poor job of providing quality service. 


Call centre, receptionist or technician? 


I have personally worked in the service industry for over 24 years. Most of those years have been working for other companies. The #1 cause of complaints has always been miscommunication. Email helps eliminate almost all of the issues caused by taking phone calls. 


You will never speak to a receptionist or call centre when communicating with The Guys Repair Services. Any information from our team, whether you are booking a service call or asking a technical question, will come from an experienced technician. 


Our technicians are out performing service calls all day. It is very inefficient to answer a phone while working. Taking phone calls would not only lower the quality of our work, but also lower the quality of our communication. While we are servicing your equipment, you will appreciate the fact that we are there working for you and not acting as an answering machine. 

Every system has it's flaws. We accept this and continue to change to provide the best service possible. 


Cheers !