The last few seasons have been difficult and we have been forced to close early this season for financial reasons. We hope to regroupe and reopen in April or May of 2022, but only time will tell.  Thanks for your understanding. 



New pricing and restrictions for 2019+. See below for details.

Our pricing policy.

Most of our services are billed at a flat rate.  This provides the best value to our customers. Our aim is to get the job done as quickly as possible, while maintaining a premium quality service. 


Prices listed below include travel to your location in Calgary. 


For services that are not listed below, please contact us. We will do our best to provide you with a quote. When we can not offer a quote on a specific repair, we will do our best to give you an estimate. 

Lawnmower service pricing.

Tune-up = Seasonal / General Maintenance. If your equipment does not start it may need more than a tune up. See below for what is included in our tune-up service. 

General service pricing.        
Lawnmower tune up * $120   Zone cable $80
Fuel system clean $100   Starter rope $80
Replacement blade $80      
Add on pricing        
Starter rope +$30   Zone cable +$25
Fuel system clean +$40      
Replacement blade +$25      

Tune up Includes general inspection, oil, air filter, spark plug, blade sharpening , all shop supplies, labour and taxes. Additional parts including, but not limited to, blades, belts, cables, wheels, handles, are not included.  *Honda Quad Cut (twin blade) mowers are an additional $10. 


Late cancelation fee, not home fee, minimum fee once we have arrived at your home is $60 


"Add on pricing " Prices for additional services , done at the time of a regular  lawnmower tune up. (Example: Tune up and fuel system cleaning = $160)

Trip Charge pricing.

Due to time restraints and booking issues, we will not be taking any new out of city clients. We are now making limited trips outside of the city limits to our loyal / repeat customers depending on location.

De Winton $NA    Chestermere  $NA
Okotoks $NA   Bearspaw $NA
Bragg Creek  $NA   Strathmore $NA
Airdrie $NA   Langdon $NA
Cochrane  $NA   Calling Horse $NA

All prices are approximate and are billed based on actual mileage.